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Dental OSHA Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the governing body in the United States whose mission is to ensure the health and safety of American workers.

OSHA was created by the US Congress after the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to fully enforce a safe and healthy working environment for men and women.

The American Dental Association cited key points on OSHA Training for dental offices which covers potential workplace hazards, training, outreach, and education for continual workplace safety, and proper knowledge on infectious diseases and hazardous chemicals for dental offices.

Hayes VT offers fast and convenient dental OSHA training online and in person for dental professionals across the US. Our training program is designed to meet OSHA dental office checklist as mandated for Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Dental Assistants, Hygienists, and Dental Office Employees.

Our Dental OSHA Training Covers

Working in the dental healthcare industry can put employees at risk for exposure to numerous workplace hazards such as bloodborne pathogens, medical wastes, ergonomic concerns, radiation, and other workplace dangers. At Hayes, we can come to you and take your dental practice to ensure that you adhere to OSHA dental compliance guidelines.

With our Dental OSHA Training, you and your team will learn about:

OSHA is a federal law that applies to ALL employers including dental offices, across the United States. Dental employers are responsible for having OSHA Training conducted to ALL employees to minimize the risk of occupational hazard exposures. Having OSHA training conducted regularly also helps all employees comply with the OSHA standards for dental offices which can prevent fines or other sanctions related to non-compliance.

OSHA training for dental professionals and all other dental employees must be conducted and completed annually.

Everyone who is working in a dental office or dental facility.

This includes:

  • Dentists
  • Dental hygienists
  • Dental assistants
  • Dental laboratory technicians (in-office and commercial)
  • Dental students and trainees
  • Contractual dental personnel
  • Any other employee working in a dental office

Benefits of Hayes Dental OSHA Training

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